Portolano Cavallo understands the needs of clients facing investigation challenges in Italy.  The number of internal investigations has been steadily increasing in recent years as companies try to identify and remedy employee misconduct and to improve their posture in the event of government intervention in Italy and abroad.

Portolano Cavallo is one of the few law firms in Italy with a dedicated investigation practice area and proven know-how. The Portolano Cavallo investigations team combines broad legal expertise (including corporate governance and compliance, RICO and corruption cases, data protection and employment) with project management skills developed advising domestic and foreign multinationals in complex matters.

Of course, the investigations process is a challenging time for any company.  The Portolano Cavallo investigations team understands that challenge and is able to manage it properly, ensuring independence and accuracyconfidentiality and time-effectiveness.  Working with clients, our goal is to assist the company to avoid or minimize adverse government action, to help the company identify appropriate corrective action, and to provide guidance regarding gaps in compliance programs and internal controls.

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