Restructuring and insolvency is an active area for the firm, where it advises distressed companies in M&A transactions and advises debtors in bankruptcy proceedings. Work stands out in the food, fashion and technology sectors."
As professionals, we have had many years of experience in the insolvency and corporate restructuring sectors and have constantly monitored changes in bankruptcy law over recent years. Our law firm was actually one of the first law firms in Italy to draw up a debt restructuring agreement under article 182-bis of the Bankruptcy Law.

We are experienced in the many different issues facing companies undergoing difficulties, ranging from pre-insolvency distress situations, to support following a bankruptcy filing. We also assist our clients with extraordinary corporate transactions while insolvency is pending, adopting the solutions and strategies needed to make a success of the transaction in the specific legislative and economic context.

Our attorneys provide advice on non-judicial matters and also have the expertise to assist clients with insolvency litigation, thanks to their solid experience in areas such as revocatory action, liability actions against directors of insolvent companies and compensation litigation in connection with criminal proceedings for insolvency offences.

We are also experienced in assisting creditors in complex “multi-national” insolvency cases vis-à-vis debtors in bankruptcy proceedings both in Italy and in many other countries. In this area we can particularly assist in managing issues that could potentially arise from conflicts between the bankruptcy procedures of the different jurisdictions.

More specifically:

  • advise to a leading company in the food sector with a debt restructuring agreement under art. 182-bis of the Bankruptcy Law by converting their financial debt to a bank into preferential shares to the benefit of the bank with a partial write-off of the debt position to the satisfaction of 70% of the other creditors who subscribed to the agreement;
  • advise to a US multi-national, leaders in software development, on the acquisition of control holdings in another US company operating in Italy and on management of the subsequent bankruptcy procedure involving the target company in Italy, coordinating our assistance here with the simultaneous Chapter 11 reorganization being carried out in Texas;
  • bolt-on acquisitions of companies or assets undergoing administration or receivership;
  • helping creditors recover credit and protect their rights in cases of a bankruptcy or prior to a bankruptcy filing, in a voluntary arrangement of creditors and/or a restructuring;
  • assistance and advice to bodies involved in insolvency proceedings;
  • assistance with drawing up restructuring agreements under art. 182-bis of the Bankruptcy Law, with the executive contractual documentation for these agreements and with all the legal aspects of the certification of turnaround plans under art. 67 of the Bankruptcy Law;
  • assistance and advice on bankruptcy and pre-bankruptcy litigation.

We have been working with Portolano Cavallo since 2017 and we appreciate the team and their way of working. They are quick, always on the topic and experienced."
Portolano Cavallo has a good reputation in Italy and is commended for its work in the TMT sector. The firm is also recognised for work in the M&A and restructuring and insolvency practice areas. […] In restructuring and insolvency the firm has acted for creditors on debt recovery mandates and advised an agri-food company in its debt restructuring process.”


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