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Portolano Cavallo’s French Desk provides legal assistance to French or Francophone firms who wish to expand into the Italian market, or, if already operating in Italy, require specialized legal assistance in support of their activities.

Furthermore, the French Desk offers valuable support to Italian firms that wish to engage in export activities or expand into the French market.

Our working group operates across a variety of discrete professional areas, aptly leveraging deep knowledge of both Italian and French legal systems. Our professionals, having honed significant work and academic experience in France, communicate with our clients directly in French.

The firm is part of the CCI France Italie – Chamber of Commerce (Chambre Française de Commerce et d’Industrie en Italie).

Portolano Cavallo has recently provided legal consulting services to French firms in the following areas:


  • Defense of an engineering/technical consulting company quoted on the stock market, in the context of arbitration concerning a post-acquisition dispute
  • Defense of a well-known French TV channel in the context of arbitration relating to non-compliance of an advertising space agreement
  • Assistance to a known French group, leader in the Aerospace, Defense, and IT industries in relation to a commercial dispute

Commercial Contracts

  • Negotiations on behalf of a known French fashion group, concerning an Affiliation Agreement with a known Italian department store chain
  • Negotiations on behalf of a known French tour operator concerning a Hotel Allotment Agreement
  • Localization of general terms and conditions for the delivery of online services, for a known French firm specialized in online retargeting

Labor Law

  • We work with many French firms concerning the hiring of personnel from Italian branches

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Consulting and support to a French group operating in the Nursing home sector, concerning extraordinary transactions in regulated markets
  • Consulting to a known French Chemical group concerning the disposal of a chemical plant in Italy
  • Coordination of a merger across 10 jurisdictions on behalf of a French company operating in the Engineering and Technical Consulting industries

Privacy & Cyber Security

  • Consulting for a primary French fashion house concerning online advertising campaigns, sweepstakes and price competitions, online antifraud systems, and statutory provisions in terms of personal data protection
  • Review of the Internet site of a known French fashion house concerning corporate handling of personal data
  • Consulting services to a French group, a world leader in online advertising, concerning the application of Italian statutory provisions in matter of the protection of personal data in ad banners

Intellectual Property

  • Assistance to a known French fashion house concerning the protection of an important selective distribution network in Italy
  • Protection of a known brand portfolio on behalf of a known French entertainment group
  • Consulting for a venture capitalist concerning the negotiation of investment contract in companies specialized in the development of alternative energy

Regulatory, Antitrust

  • We assisted a known French TV group concerning some regulatory provisions on broadcasting on the Italian market
  •  We assisted a known French TV group concerning some regulatory provisions of a joint venture active in the online gambling industry

Corporate restructuring and financial distress

  • Restructuring of commercial agreements with receivership relating to a bankrupt Italian hotelier, on behalf of a known French tour operator
  • Consulting for a known French TV group concerning the corporate restructuring of an Italian branch
  • Recovery of the client portfolio of a known French group active in the Logistics industry, as it pertains to an Italian branch in financial distress



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