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We cultivate excellence.

In 2023, for the seventh year in a row, Portolano Cavallo is the first and only law firm to ever been included among the Best Workplaces™ in Italy.

Furthermore, in 2023 for the twelfth year in a row Portolano Cavallo has been recognised as “Italy Firm of the Year” and, for the third year in a row, as “Women in Business Law – National Firm” at the Women in Business Law Awards Europe.

In 2022 Portolano Cavallo also obtained, for the third consecutive year, the “Welfare Champion” rating in the Welfare Index PMI, the ranking of the 121 companies that have particularly excelled for their policies in favor of human resources.

The law firm is also among the twenty companies awarded as excellent workplaces for women, having placed eleventh in the “Best Workplaces™ for Women 2021” ranking by Great Place to Work® Italia.

Innovation has distinguished our work since the foundation of the firm in 2001.

Whom we seek

To become part of “Portolano Cavallo” it is essential to have an excellent academic background and an excellent knowledge of English.

But this is not enough: candidates must also demonstrate integrity, passion, tenacity, capacity for teamwork, initiative, creativity, curiosity and a hunger for new things.

The selection process includes interviews with senior and junior professionals of the firm, conducted to examine not only the personal characteristics and sharing of the values of the firm, but also the legal background of the candidate through the analysis of practical cases.

For example, for every 100 resumes we receive for the position of trainee, we select one candidate on average.

How we work

Our professionals have the opportunity to grow 360 degrees, being able to work in many areas of activity.

Each professional is given the opportunity, and is required to learn in depth an area of their choice and at the same time remain involved in other areas, so as to be exposed to different issues and gain a broad perspective. The various practice groups collaborate daily with an interdisciplinary approach to addressing the needs of clients.

Everyone is at the service of the others, and this allows them to manage clients quickly, efficiently and professionally.

To prove this, for their commitment to client service, in 2011 the Firm obtained the “Chambers Europe Awards for Excellence” for Italy and was recognized among the top 50 most innovative firms in Europe by the Financial Times.

What we offer

We value teamwork to ensure that growing professionally at Portolano Cavallo is a success for both the individual and for the group. By investing in individuals we invest in the future of our Firm.

Our training plan is based on an innovative model of expertise and is graded according to the seniority of the professionals. Training starts from day one with an Orientation Program and is divided over the years into several initiatives, such as seminars and training events (for the study of legal issues, the study of English, the development of skills such as public speaking, negotiation, management of a working group, etc.), secondment at foreign law firms or clients, etc.

In addition, each year we sponsor the participation of our professionals in introductory courses in Anglo-Saxon law, as well as participation in post-graduate or “LLM” courses.

Please go to our Career Center to be informed about job opportunities at our Firm and send you CV.

Columbia Summer Program

Portolano Cavallo annually awards a scholarship to a student participant of the Program. Assigned on the basis of academic merit, experience and motivation, the scholarship […]



“Women@Work” is our internal network that puts women at the center. A series of articles, news, and appointments aimed at in-depth analysis and discussion on diversity and the job market, in line with the firm’s philosophy, which does not admit any gender distinction.


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