Fashion & Luxury


The team is increasingly active in handling matters involving technology issues, including new online sales channels, and IP enforcement and data protection work."
In the fashion and luxury sector, we have assisted clients with all aspects of daily operations and the broader aspects of the business as well:

  • sales and acquisitions of companies and VC and PE investments, Joint Ventures agreements
  • trademark protection, domain names, brand purchase, sale, and licensing contracts, copyright and design
  • agreements for online and offline brand and product promotion and advertising (e.g., sponsorship, trunk shows and other events, product placement, digital marketing, interaction with influencers)
  • testimonial and guest star agreements
  • agreements covering production of fashion films
  • assistance with customs issues connected to IP rights violations
  • terms and conditions for online and offline sales
  • assistance with launching and operating ecommerce sites
  • contracts with stylists, creative directors, key employees, and R&D
  • production contracts and joint venture agreements covering production and distribution and subagreements
  • supply and subsupply contracts
  • agency agreements, wholesale and retail, franchising, and commission/affiliate distribution agreements
  • contracts for launching and managing points of sale, including administrative and real estate contracts; business and branch leases; service contracts for spaces, corner-in-shop and shop-in-shop spaces, temporary stores, pop-ups, and the like
  • management of critical issues and disputes centering on IP issues and commercial contracts, as well as unfair competition and damage to company image
  • supplier and subsupplier dependence risk analysis
  • product and trade compliance in relation to release into free circulation, release for sale, labeling, CE marking (REACH, CITES, and so on)
  • environmental issues
  • vertical and horizontal cooperation agreements (selective distribution, franchising, and JV agreements and the like) and the related self-assessment procedures
  • domestic and European antitrust disputes over anti-competitive agreements and abuse of dominance
  • disputes related to unfair commercial practices
  • organizing and updating antitrust compliance and privacy and data protection programs
  • IT, outsourcing, and other contracts connected to IT systems
  • privacy and data protection disputes

The team is business oriented, very skilled, modern and flexible.”
Portolano Cavallo provides assistance with brand protection issues and digital matters, such as IT contracts, data protection and consumer law.”


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