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26 Nov 20
Five questions to: Francesco Malmusi and Marco Rizzi
Watch the video interview (in Italian) of our Antonia Verna with Francesco Malmusi (Founder MamaClean S.r.l. Lavanderia a domicilio) and Marco Rizzi (Founder Hensoo, Equity Crowdfunding).
19 Oct 20
Five questions to: Andrea Marangione
Watch the video interview (in Italian) of our Giorgio Ferrero with Andrea Marangione CEO of Maider Holding and National Vice President of Giovani Imprenditori di Confindustria (Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria) with delegation to innovation and startups. Andrea is also Founding Partner of Net4Capital.
14 Oct 20
Venture Capital Watch: Interview with Lorenzo Pisoni (PCUP)
For our series of interviews with players of the venture capital industry, we asked Lorenzo Pisoni, Founder of PCUP, how the COVID-19 has changed its business and is affecting the future plans of his company.
13 Jul 20
Five questions to: Maria Ameli
Watch the video interview (in Italian) of our partner Antonia Verna with Maria Ameli, Head of Corporate, Real Estate and Art Advisory at Banca Generali.
8 Jun 20
Venture Capital watch: Interview with Roberta Gilardi (G2 Startups) and Fabrizio Conicella (Zcube - Zambon and Openzone) on how COVID-19 is affecting the Venture Capital
For our series of interviews with players of the venture capital industry, we asked Roberta Gilardi, CEO and partner of G2 Startups, and Fabrizio Conicella, general manager and board member of ZCube – Zambon and OpenZone, how Covid-19 is affecting the VC industry and what advice they would offer startups and the Italian legislature.
Welcome to the Portolano Cavallo Startup and Venture Capital blog, focusing on key legal issues and market trends affecting startups and the venture capital industry.
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Our enthusiastic and passionate team of professionals will provide newsinsight, and multidisciplinary commentary on the hottest and most recent provisions of law and investment and market and contractual trends in the startup and venture capital sector with an eye not only to the Italian market but to the entire European and international ecosystem.

This blog will be a place for sharing information and experiences related to the launch of new innovative businesses, discussing the different characteristics of investment rounds in the seed, early stage, and growth phases, and looking at trends in venture capital transactions.

The main purpose of this blog is to contribute to the growth of the Italian venture capital ecosystem by helping the Italian community develop domestic and international connections.

April 21, 2022
Investimenti sostenibili 4.0: an aid scheme of around €677 million for new innovative and sustainable investments will be available to SMEs from May 18, 2022, with the aim of fostering the...
February 24, 2022
The Council of Ministers has approved a Law Decree introducing new measures to support the reconversion of the automotive industry with a fund of 1 billion euros per year for the next 8 year...
November 4, 2021
The European Startup Nations Alliance (ESNA) has been launched to support states in ensuring their startups have the best conditions to grow at every stage of their life cycle
May 5, 2021
Draft of Sostegni bis decree: until 2025, innovative startups and SMEs’ investors will not pay 26% tax on capital gains on the sale of stakes owned for at least three years, provided that ...
April 9, 2021
Convegno annuale AIFI 19 aprile 2021 “Recovery e Private Capital”: crescita significativa del venture capital italiano, 378 milioni investiti (+40%), 306 investimenti (+82%).
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