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19 Jan
New Public Procurement Code: Changes as of January 1, 2024
Multiple provisions of the new Public Procurement Code became effective on January 1, 2024, concerning the digitization of the procurement lifecycle. Changes should lead to fully digital management of public procurement, designed to enhance the efficiency of public administrations.
16 Jan
New procurement code and sub-threshold awarding: Contracting authorities are still free to use standard tendering procedures
Approved the possibility for contracting stations to employ standard selection procedures by publishing notices in awarding contracts for work, services, and supplies with values below the thresholds indicated the Public Procurement Code.
3 Nov 23
Digitization in the new Public Procurement Code: New technological frontiers and artificial intelligence
The digitization of tendering procedures is one of the most important issues addressed by the new Public Procurement Code, which introduces systematic reorganization and significant changes.
18 Sep 23
The new Public Procurement Code: New items, application, and transitional regime
This article is the first in the "Public Procurement Corner" series, providing updates on the new public procurement code with a focus on supplies to NHS bodies. Thanks to Antonino Iago Gentile for collaborating on this article
29 May 20
Italy: Garante's crackdown on patient health data protection
The Italian data protection authority (‘Garante’) announced, on 6 March 2020, that it had reached an agreement with Consip S.p.a. regarding modifications rules regarding calls for tenders concerning the purchase of medical equipment and devices, aimed at making the same compliant with data protection legislation.
23 Mar 20
Cura Italia Decree and Ordinance 630/2020: new rules for public contracts
Law Decree No. 18 of March 17, 2020 (“Cura Italia Decree“) and ordinance No. 630 issued by the Head of the Department of Civil Protection on February 3, 2020 (“Ordinance 630/2020” or “Ordinance”) introduced several derogations to the standard rules that govern the public procurement process for purposes of dealing with the Covid-19 emergency.
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October 6, 2023
CBD products: the Administrative Court suspended until October 24 the recent Decree of the Italian Ministry of Health listing cannabidiol for oral use among narcotic drugs, due to the lack o...
October 4, 2023
The Guidelines for regulating contractual relations between universities and research institutes and private sponsors were adopted by the relevant Italian Ministries following the amendment ...
September 21, 2023
CBS products: from September 20th, compositions for oral administration of cannabidiol obtained from Cannabis sativa extracts shall be considered as narcotic drugs in Italy, as they have bee...
July 27, 2023
Payback on medical devices: Italian government announces extension of payment deadline to October 30, 2023
July 21, 2023
On July 21, 2023, the Italian Ministry of Health published new guidelines on health advertising of self-medication drugs (OTC) and non-prescription drugs (SOP), including advertising on new ...
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