The Supreme Court on the status of riders: independent contractors accessing to some employment protections

24 January 2020
On January 24, 2020, the Italian Supreme Court has published the judgement no. 1663/2020 definitely clarifying the status of riders as independent contractors but entitled to specific protections ordinarily granted to the employees in consideration of their weak economic position, i.e. health and safety, vacation, work hours and salary.

The Italian Supreme Court, adhering to the final outcomes of the decision no. 26 of February 4, 2019 of the Court of Appeal of Turin, refers to collaborations characterized by autonomy and continuity of service, carried out personally by the worker and organized by the service provider also with reference to the time and place of work.

This judgement interprets the law provisions applicable before the new Law Decree no. 101/2019 – the Riders Decree, commented here but it is also consistent with the provisions of this latter currently in force.

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