Italian Communications Authority starts the update of the logical channel numbering plan

16 January 2020
By means of resolution no. 456/19/CONS, published on 3 December 2019, the Italian Communications Authority has started the proceeding for the update of the logical channel numbering (LCN) plan for the digital terrestrial television and of the rules concerning the relevant allocation of channels.

The adoption of a new plan had become a necessary step according to the provisions of the 2019 Budget Law, which set the deadline at 31 December 2019 for AGCOM to update the LCN plan in light of the new frequencies allocation and the definition of technical areas. The same provision requires AGCOM to complete the update of the plan in accordance with principles such as media pluralism, transparency, equality, non-discrimination and rational allocation of channels.

The proceeding shall be completed within 180 days as of 3 December 2019, provided that no extension of such term is granted by AGCOM.

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