The “Culture Decree” amends the rules on promotion of European and Italian works

1 Luglio 2019
With Law Decree No. 59 of 28 June 2019 (“Culture Decree”), the legislation on quota obligations designed to promote European and Italian works has been lastly amended.

The amendments introduced by the Culture Decree are the result of the debate between the associations of audio-visual and cinematographic producers, the national broadcasters and the most important on demand media services providers.

The new legislation will come into force on 1 January 2020. Up to that day, the quota provisions applied in the first half year of 2019 will continue to apply, i.e. for broadcasters the programming quota of 50,01% of their transmission time to be devoted to European works and the investment quota of 10% of their net annual revenues to be devoted to independent works, including the 3,2% of the latter quota reserved to cinematographic works of Italian original expression.

Given that the Culture Decree must be converted into law by the end of August and it might be changed in the conversion proceedings, we will give more and detailed information by the end of September.

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