AGCOM issues implementing provisions to secure equal access to media in the upcoming European elections

3 Aprile 2019
On March 28, 2019, the Italian Communications Authority (“AGCOM”), with Resolution no. 94/19/CONS, issued provisions implementing the rules on political communications and equal access to the media for the electoral campaign for the European Parliament.

Among other provisions, the Resolution empowers AGCOM to carry out sample checks on the prohibition to run political polls during the so called “blackout period” established by Law no. 28/2000 (the so called “Par Condicio Law”).

It also requires the “Technical Roundtable to ensure pluralism and information correctness on digital platforms” to adopt any necessary measures to counter the online distribution of content infringing the principles of the Resolution, with a view to protecting pluralism of information and correctness as well as transparency of political messages.

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