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Chi Siamo
Portolano Cavallo concentra la propria attività nel settore TMT sin dalla sua nascita nel 2001 ed è ora riconosciuto come lo studio legale italiano leader in questo settore.
Lo Studio
Portolano Cavallo è stato fondato nel 2001 dai soci Manuela Cavallo e Francesco Portolano. L’attività dello studio si concentra soprattutto su M&A e sul settore Media, sotto ogni aspetto.
Ita / Eng

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mar 2

Significant changes to improve the Italian labour market: economic benefits and new rules on dismissal of new hires

The reform of the Italian labour market Economic benefits of new hiring New rules on dismissal Change of dismissal procedure and introduction of the fast and simplified conciliation agreement New rules on consulting and cooperation agreements Final considerations The reform of the Italian labour market The reform known as the Jobs Acts, implemented by several… continua

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lug 2

Copyright and the Vatican

As an Italian law firm, we are often required to assist television and movie productions involving the Vatican City State (VCS). The first question we are usually asked is which copyright law applies -  Vatican law or  Italian law? This may be because we are Roman based or because of our media and entertainment expertise or… continua

apr 3

The Italian ‘Google Vividown’ case: ISPs’ liability for user-generated content

On 21 December 2012, the Milan Court of Appeals overturned the decision issued in 2010 by the Court of Milan in the ’Google Vividown’ case. Filed on 27 February 2013, the Court of Appeals’ decision was based on and confirmed the general principle that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have no general duty to monitor user-uploaded content on their systems. Laura Liguori… continua

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ott 11

“Made in Italy”: something you need to know when managing commercial relationships with Italian manufacturers

Introduction The Italian manufacturing industry is composed of many firms which are family businesses, are small/medium-sized and, generally speaking, are not assisted by attorneys or a law firm in their day to day activities. As a consequence, it is very common that parties entering into a commercial relationship do not sign a comprehensive supply agreement…. continua

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apr 11

Permanent establishment: to be or not to be, that is the question

Recent case law Permanent establishment Applicable law Recent case law A leading low-cost airline has recently been sanctioned by labour inspectors from the local labour office Direzione provinciale del lavoro (DPL), which reportedly imposed an administrative fine for failure to pay social security contributions in Italy. The DPL alleged that the airline had hired 650… continua

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