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Filippo Frigerio


Filippo Frigerio

Filippo Frigerio joined Portolano Cavallo in 2015, under the terms of an intern work agreement secured through the Bocconi University, becoming later in the year, upon earning his Law degree from the Luigi Bocconi Commercial University, one of the firm’s attorneys-at-law.

While completing his university studies, Filippo attended courses at the Law School of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA, for a period of 5 months.

Filippo assists both Italian and foreign clients in matter of disputes and arbitration on civil and commercial matters, as well as of new technologies, digital media, and Italian and European legislation concerning the protection of personal data and the e-commerce field. Furthermore, he provides legal assistance to operators in the broad life sciences field.

He serves as teaching assistant for the Bocconi University – School of Law.

Filippo is also an active member of several national and international associations such as AIJA, YoungICCA and LES Italy.  He published several articles on the “Medialaws” Law review.

He is an active member of the Milan Bar Association (2018002554).

Foreign languages: English (speaking proficiency).



Milan: +39 02 722341

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