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Eleonora Curreli


Eleonora Curreli

Eleonora joined Portolano Cavallo in 2015, first as an intern, and later in the year, upon being awarded a Law degree by Luigi Bocconi Commercial University, as an attorney-at-law.

Her areas of expertise are media, privacy and advertising law, as well as consumer protection laws applied to e-commerce and new technologies. Eleonora counsels Italian and foreign clients operating in a variety of business sectors.

In the summer of 2014, she successfully completed a Campus Abroad course held at Beijing’s Tsinghua University.

While completing her university studies, Eleonora served as speaker, radio content producer, and blogger of Radio Bocconi, the University’s web-radio.

In 2016 she attended the Columbia Summer Program in American Law at the Leiden University (NL).

Foreign languages: English (speaking proficiency).

She is a member of the Milan’s Bar Association (39703).



Milano: +39 02 722341

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