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Daniel Joseph Giuliano


Daniel joined Portolano Cavallo in 2014, after honing experience in an international law firm.

He primarily deals with corporate law matters, assisting Italian and foreign clients in extraordinary acquisition, merger, demerger, restructuring and joint venture operations. He also honed experience in private equity and venture capital transactions, lending his expertise in support of a variety of parties involved (in particular, investments funds and founders).

Daniel’s primary activities focus on preparing and negotiating acquisition contracts, investment and  shareholders agreements, as well as all accessory documentation relating to M&A, venture capital and private equity operations.

In addition, he honed experience in matter of corporate governance  and in the preparation of documentation relating to the primary life phases of companies. He also prepares commercial contracts, especially in the real estate sector and those concerning corporate and commercial opinions.

Daniel received his cum laude Law degree in 2013 by the La Sapienza University of Rome.

In 2017 he attended the Columbia Summer Program in American Law at the Amsterdam University (NL).

Foreign languages: English (speaking proficiency).

Daniel is a member of the Rome Bar Association (A47875).



Roma: +39 06 696661

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