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Barbara Corsetti


Barbara assists domestic and international clients on  corporate law and in particular on merger and reorganization operations.  Her work also includes advising businesses on all legal aspects of interacting with consumers, as well as internet and e-commerce, while also being a speaker at seminars on these topics.  She has over 12 year experience in a broad range of commercial contracts such as agency, dealership, distribution agreements and in general agreements relating to commercial distribution networks.

She regularly authors articles on M&A and corporate law. Since 2006 she co-authored the Doing Business report, published annually by the World Bank. In 2005 she attended the Columbia Summer Program in American Law at the University of Amsterdam.

Barbara is member of the Professional Women’s Network of Rome (PWN Rome).

Foreign languages: English (speaking proficiency).

Barbara is a member of the Rome Bar Association (A-33526).



Roma: +39 06 696661

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