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Real Estate.

Barbara Corsetti
Barbara Corsetti Partner
Telefono: Roma +39 06 696661
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Our professionals have 15 years’ experience in real estate.

In 2011 we worked together to contribute to “Doing Business in 2011 – Making a Difference for Entrepreneurs”, published by the World Bank.

We have assisted our clients in the following areas:

  • purchase and sale of property
  • procurement contracts for the development of real estate
  • assistance in the contractual and regulatory aspects of the reorganization of a national television broadcaster’s transmission network
  • management, administration and development contracts for real estate assets and rental business in the hospitality and retail sectors
  • contractual and regulatory assistance for fashion industry multinationals in the acquisition and opening of boutiques and showrooms
  • commercial leases
  • advice on guarantees connected to real property, such as mortgages, and on conveyance fees for property-related transactions