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Life Sciences.

Nowdays, technology plays a significant role in the Life Sciences industry. Some examples are wearable diagnostics, wearable devices to support people with disabilities, mobile applications for providing remote medical assistance, 3D printers for the production of medical devices and cellular tissues, as well as all the innovations in the field of biotechnologies.

Thanks to our leadership in Italy in the Digital and Technology sector, Portolano Cavallo provides assistance to domestic and international clients operating in the Life Science industry with a dedicated team of professionals, capable of searching for and providing innovative solutions to the complex legal issues posed by new technologies in the field of Life Sciences.

In particular, we provide assistance mainly in the healthcare, medical devices and cosmetics sectors, as well as in the biotechnological, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Our clients are established international sector players as well as startups and technology companies moving into the Life Sciences world.

Our professionals are capable of providing multidisciplinary legal assistance, granting an innovative, flexible and pragmatic approach. Irrespective of the area of specialization, they have specific knowledge of the Life Sciences industry, as well as its business and operational models and the entire production and distribution life-cycle of the Life Sciences products and services.

We also cooperate with universities and polytechnic universities, medical and hospital organizations, technology clusters and parks, incubators and accelerators.

For instance, we have advised clients on a broad range of matters, such as:

  • start-ups, including academic spin offs, etc.
  • the different phases of research and development of products, clinical trials and research studies
  • regulatory and compliance, including advising on the launch of wearable devices and on the relations with public authorities and other entities operating in the field
  • drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, such as joint-venture agreements, research and development agreements, as well as licensing agreements, intellectual property rights purchase and sale agreements, technology transfer agreements, agency and distribution agreements
  • protection of intellectual and industrial property, through prosecution with registration bodies or in litigation
  • marketing and advertising of medications and medical devices as well as healthcare and pharmaceutical products and services
  • domestic and international M&A
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital, supporting either investors or target companies
  • all issues concerning privacy, cybersecurity and use of big data, predictive data litigation and assistance in relation to internal audit procedures in large Italian and foreign companies