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Advertising, Promotion.

Ernesto Apa
Ernesto Apa Partner
Telefono: Roma +39 06 696661
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Portolano Cavallo Studio Legale acts for over 50 TV channels and is a go-to firm for highly complex regulatory issues. It is also experienced in IT outsourcing, and has developed its work for the telecoms industry. Head of TMT transactions Francesco Portolano is recommended along with internet and technology head Laura Liguori and media and telecoms head Ernesto Apa. LEGAL500 EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA 2013 – TMT TIER 1

Our experience in this sector spans from traditional advertising to the new challenges posed by technological advances, which have created new platforms and new forms of commercial communication:

  • consultancy relating to improper commercial practices and hidden, misleading, and comparative advertising
  • drafting and negotiation of site affiliation contracts
  • consultancy on regulatory aspects associated with product placement in TV programs, movies, and games
  • consultancy regarding interactive, dynamic, and virtual advertising
  • consultancy and assistance in the creation of ads, TV-sales, television promotions, and advertising initiatives associated with reality shows and television events
  • drafting of sponsorship and co-branding contracts
  • copy clearance
  • assistance in advertising-related disputes before the Italian courts and the Corporate Governance Court, and in proceedings before the Autorità Garante per la Concorrenza ed il Mercato [Italian Antitrust Authority] relating to improper commercial practices
  • drafting and negotiation of advertisement licensing agreements
  • assistance in relation to television events and co-branded concerts
  • defense of registered trademarks and copyrights, and assistance in related disputes
  • consultancy on Internet-based advertising and marketing, including user profiling, pay-per-click advertising, keyword advertising, and search engine marketing
  • consultancy on regulatory aspects relating to television content associated with trademarks
  • drafting advertising testimonial contracts
  • assistance with regulatory aspects of child-targeted advertising
  • advertiser-funded programs
  • online and offline marketing activities and promotional prize contests
  • in-game advertising
  • protection of ad copyrights
  • drafting of product placement contracts
  • televised promotional prize contests, including prize competitions that use premium rate telephone numbers
  • consultancy relating to advertising involving tobacco, alcohol, and substance-related products, and medical treatments