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Chi Siamo
Portolano Cavallo concentra la propria attività nel settore TMT sin dalla sua nascita nel 2001 ed è ora riconosciuto come lo studio legale italiano leader in questo settore.
Lo Studio
Portolano Cavallo è stato fondato nel 2001 dai soci Manuela Cavallo e Francesco Portolano. L’attività dello studio si concentra soprattutto su M&A e sul settore Media, sotto ogni aspetto.
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lug 28

Court rules on television programmes on video-sharing platforms

On January 20 2011 the Court of Milan ruled against ItaliaOnline Srl (IOL) for infringement of copyright held by Reti Televisive Italiane SpA (RTI) in respect of television programmes uploaded and displayed on IOL’s online audio and video-sharing platform. The grounds for the decision were published on June 16 2011. The court held that the… continua

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lug 14

Supreme Court rules on jurisdiction in online defamation cases

The Supreme Court has declared that in online defamation cases, the competent court is the court of the accused’s place of residence.(1) The decision in question related to a person who was accused of defamation in two different proceedings; one was heard by the Criminal Court of Sassari (ie, the court of the accused’s place… continua

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giu 20

Self-Regulatory Framework for Behavioural Advertising – Greater Transparency and Control for Users

On April 14 2011 IAB Europe, a body representing the European digital industry, released a Europe-wide self-regulatory framework for online behavioural advertising (OBA). The framework includes best practices for enhancing transparency and greater user control over OBA within the European Economic Area. The OBA framework is the result of a collaboration between IAB Europe and… continua

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giu 17

Defamatory suggestions: what liability for search engines?

Following a recent case involving the search engine Yahoo! Italia, another Italian court has addressed the issue of search engine liability. On March 24 2011 the Court of Milan found Google liable for defamation because its auto-complete suggestions paired the plaintiff’s name with defamatory keywords. The court upheld its earlier interim injunction of January 25… continua

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giu 15

Cooperation in the Field of IPR Enforcement: Memorandum of Understanding on the Sale of Counterfeit Goods over the Internet

On May 4 2011, in a ceremony hosted by the European Commission, a representative group of leading rights holders and internet platforms signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the Sale of Counterfeit Goods over the Internet.[i] The fight against counterfeiting is a key area of EU collaboration, although its methodology remains a subject of… continua

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mag 25

Avoiding conflicts between due diligence and privacy

The impact of data protection law on due diligence is an increasingly important aspect of M&A transactions. Italian law has no specific provisions on data protection in due diligence; nor has the Data Protection Authority issued administrative provisions on the subject. Nevertheless, parties to mergers and acquisitions must think carefully about the data protection aspects… continua

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