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Chi Siamo
Portolano Cavallo concentra la propria attività nel settore TMT sin dalla sua nascita nel 2001 ed è ora riconosciuto come lo studio legale italiano leader in questo settore.
Lo Studio
Portolano Cavallo è stato fondato nel 2001 dai soci Manuela Cavallo e Francesco Portolano. L’attività dello studio si concentra soprattutto su M&A e sul settore Media, sotto ogni aspetto.
Ita / Eng

Articoli della categoria “Start Up”

mar 29


The aim of this article is to outline the ever-increasing importance of discovery for civil law proceedings due to recent, favorable developments in law cases and judicial decisions within the EU. In particular, we intend to consider the potential scenarios under which the result of discovery, a common law institution, could be introduced in civil-law… continua

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mar 28

Earn-out clauses: advantages and pitfalls

The road to a successful acquisition holds a wide variety of challenges for both acquirer and target. A common area of concern arises from the unavailability of private information, which may lead the parties to assess the target’s intrinsic value very differently. Bridging the gap between different estimates of the target’s value is a fundamental… continua

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mar 14

Italian government approves new rules on foreign investment in strategic sectors

On March 9 the Italian Government approved a Law Decree setting forth for the first time a broad set of governmental intervention and veto powers in certain strategic sectors: defense; energy; transportation; communications. This new set of rules will have a significant impact on companies operating in such sectors.  In particular, the new rules include… continua

mar 12

Services contract: the client is not exempt from liabilities on health and safety of contractor’s employees

Background Recent Supreme Court case law Conclusion Background According to Article 26 of Legislative Decree no. 81 of April 9, 2008, as amended by Legislative Decree no. 106 of August 3, 2009 (“Testo Unico sulla Sicurezza sul Lavoro”) the client is the main responsible for the safety of all the employees, including those of the… continua

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mar 7

Ex post defensive monitoring of email and protection of employer’s assets

Remote and defensive monitoring The case of the dismissed bank employee Supreme Court decision on defensive monitoring Practical consequences Remote and defensive monitoring As described in our previous article (“Italy: Remote monitoring and defensive monitoring of employees in the internet age”, published in October 2010), Article 4 of Law 300/1970 – known as the Statute… continua

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